Dining places


The following list of restaurants is, of course, far from complete and just contains a few suggestions.

Generally, the level of prices is higher in the Netherlands than in most other European countries.

Restaurant Cuisine Price Location
Biercafe Kandinsky Bruin Cafe (Pub) Telegraafstraat 58
Het Dorstige Hert Bruin Cafe (Pub) Bredaseweg 397
ANVERS café met keuken Belgian/Flemish 15–25 euros Oude Markt 8
Eetcafé Langeboom Traditional Dutch 10–15 euros Nieuwlandstraat 1
Happy Italy Italian 7–15 euros Heuvelstraat 126
Waanzinnig Vegetarian organic 10–20 euros Willem II Straat 52a
Stadscafé De Spaarbank Crossover 15–20 euros Noordstraat 125
La Cabana Spanish 15–20 euros Academielaan 73
Minos Pallas Greek 15–20 euros Heuvelring 224
Restaurant Jade Asian 15–20 euros Spoorlaan 406-408
Sumo Japanese (All-you-can-eat) 20–25  euros Heuvel 25-26
Het Dorstige Hert Traditional Dutch 10-15 euros Bredaseweg 397
Sarban Afghan 20-30 euros Besterdring 2

www.iens.nl provides you with further suggestions and reviews